Thursday, April 23, 2009

Care Your Eyebrow

image The most expressive features of our face are the eyes and the eyebrows; our moods and thoughts are reflected through them.

Eyebrows are usually the most neglected part of a person’s face. Eyebrow care should be an important part of your beauty regimen. After all, it is the eyebrows that set off a person's eyes.

However, few people realize the role they play in balancing your features. They draw attention to the eyes like a picture frame. Too bushy or too highly arched eyebrows will spoil the end-result of your makeup.

They can be made to look very attractive and perfect, even if they are not, as you can have the shape changed to your advantage.

It’s time to shape up – your eyebrows, that is! Eyebrows are the most underappreciated feature of your face, but they have the power to dramatically improve your look and enhance your natural beauty if groomed properly.

The shape and grooming of your eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger and open up your face more naturally.


  1. Errr, but I don't trim my eyebrows ;;) [link]

  2. Hmmm... reminds me to trim my brows.

  3. i just trimed my eyebrows, after reading the article :))


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