Thursday, May 28, 2009

Having Back Sexier and Smooth

having back sexy smooth beautiful Who does not want to have a back sexy and smooth? Every woman want it of course. The beautiful back and sexy will make us appear more confident. To have this is not hard, as long you care good and correct.

  • Lying with the body facing the floor, and crumpled finger-toes so that it can to sustain your body. Place both hands behind the head and intertwine your fingers until solid. Slowly, lift the body back as you can, and hold for three seconds. Return to the original position until your nose touches the floor.


  • Lift weight, standing with both feet bend and hold little a second barbel each half kilos with the shoulders on the side of your body. Your body should remain upright, and bend hands and lift the barbel both to the chin. Return to the original position slowly.


  • Stand with both feet slightly bend, and hold both of barbel in side of the body. Bend body 90 degrees and align your hands up to the floor and hands parallel with the foot. Bend your hands and lift the barbel to the stomach, hold 3 seconds and slowly return to original position.


  • Make scrub regularly with additional honey, so that the back looks more smooth.


    1. nice article

      salam kenal friend

    2. i wonder have a girl like that

    3. eh, k0kh g da buku tmu x???

    4. ajib,.....

    5. Great tips for those desiring a sexy back ;)

    6. seandainya pacarku seperti itu :D :D

    7. nice post like the owner this blog, :)

    8. Hi! Yulia, we have something in common! I host a blog on women and lingerie! Guess both of our blogs are about beauty! Cheers!

    9. I do it, make scrub.

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